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Water-Damaged Bedroom Ceiling Repair

When we moved in, one of the kid's bedrooms had some damage to the ceiling. It was hard and had a bit of a lump. With my amazing cleaning skills upon move-in, I decided to vacuum the ceilings (cobwebs!) and very unluckily sucked off part of the ceiling: This particular damage is beneath a bathtub… Continue reading Water-Damaged Bedroom Ceiling Repair

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Sealing Gaps in Baseboard Trim

We have a bug problem. We live built into a hill, so our finished basement is halfway underground. Awesome for HVAC, not awesome for vermin. The first fall we lived here, we saw SO MANY SPIDERS. We got used to it, but, honestly -- we shouldn't have to, right? The most glaring issue is our… Continue reading Sealing Gaps in Baseboard Trim

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Installing an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

We did it. We broke down and splurged on an automatic chicken coop door. This decision didn't come lightly, as these little ladies are becoming more and more expensive. BUT we have a lot of predators around here: raccoons, foxes, coyotes, hawks, and probably other things too. We lost our only chicken last year in… Continue reading Installing an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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How to Air Fry Frozen Eggplant Cutlets

I love these eggplant cutlets from Aldi. They're cheap, add more veggies to our diets, and way easier to prep than actually making breaded eggplant cutlets. Unfortunately, the only cooking options on the box are frying or baking. As we're making a concerted effort to eat healthier, frying is no longer an option. And the… Continue reading How to Air Fry Frozen Eggplant Cutlets

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Meal Plan: July 25-31

Lots of veggies (using ONE GIANT zucchini that was gifted to us). And a couple of seafood dishes to balance out last weeks' deliciously unhealthy rehearsal dinner, wedding, best ice cream stop, and a house guest. Source: nutritioninthekitch.comsource: handletheheat.comsource: http://www.maebells.comtheviewfromgreatislandSource: realsimple.comSource: Photos from recipe-creators. Links below for recipes! I found all of these recipes either… Continue reading Meal Plan: July 25-31

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Clearing the Chicken Coop Path: Part 2 – Water Run-off and Tick Rehab

Last summer, I cleaned up the path from the driveway to the chicken coop. I mostly weeded the heck out of it. It made the path more attractive, both in looks and function. I hate when plants brush up against me when I'm walking outside, so that was pretty much the only goal. This is… Continue reading Clearing the Chicken Coop Path: Part 2 – Water Run-off and Tick Rehab

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Island update: Refinished butcher block, installed sink & faucet

This weekend we tackled the butcher block countertop. It wasn't in terrible shape, but it wasn't in great shape. We discovered our love for large single-basin sinks at our last house, and made it a priority to have one here. So, we searched the internet for the best deal, also purchased our old faucet again,… Continue reading Island update: Refinished butcher block, installed sink & faucet