Reconstituting Old, Dried Up Paint

This was the first time I tried to save old, dried up paint by adding water and mixing well - and it worked! We removed a shelf from one of the walls in the office, leaving a huge area that needed to be remediated. After sanding, spackling, sanding, spackling, and sanding more, we had a… Continue reading Reconstituting Old, Dried Up Paint

Meal Plans

January 17-23 Meal Plan

We cleaned out a lot of food from the fridge last week! A couple of herbs (oregano & parsley) were a sad state of disgusting in the produce drawer. Chalk those up to a loss. But that is all that went bad! (Jump to the meal plan.) Review and Recap January 10-16 Meals: Thai Chicken… Continue reading January 17-23 Meal Plan

Bedroom · Home

DIY Removable Paint Swatches for the Wall

After living in 4 houses where our bedroom was almost always overlooked and rarely put-together, I decided that I would make sure to focus on our bedroom in our new place. It's easier and cheaper than other rooms, so why not? Here's our room now. Lots of light: Jump to the how-to First thing to… Continue reading DIY Removable Paint Swatches for the Wall